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Joep Driessen started his career as a vet in 1995 with two years working in mixed practice. After his practical experience as a vet he started to explore the fields of communication, advisory skills and marketing. In 1997 he set up the Vetvice veterinary consultancy company with Jan Hulsen.

In 1999 the first CowSignals workshop is given. In 2003 we launched our first CowSignals book (first author Jan Hulsen). In 2013 we sold 200.000 CowSignals books in 35 languages. Since 1 January 2004 I am full time working on CowSignals: learn farmers and advisers to see more and understand the body language of the cow.

Currently the CowSignals training company is active in 55 countries, which gives unique knowledge and experience of dairy farming. A lot is learned from the farmers, advisors and scientists from around the world, but we learned most from the cow! He is keen on sharing his knowledge because he notices every day that there’s an enormous need for it. The 10 different CowSignals® training courses are cow based, independent and very practical.

Our training helps to improve the cow’s life and the farmers income and working pleasure.