Tom Greenham BVSc DBR MRCVS

Tom is a director in Advance Milking Limited, a consultancy service for all aspects of udder health and milking machine optimisation. Advance Milking provide specialist advice for dairy farms in the UK and Ireland, as well as working around the world to deliver training and independent support to other dairy veterinary surgeons and industry stakeholders. Conducting and facilitating research projects is a growing area of work, with Advance Milking currently leading studies on milking efficiency and udder health.

Tom’s background is in veterinary medicine, with ten years in dairy practice prior to setting up Advance Milking with colleague Dan Humphries. A growing interest in udder health and milking performance led to further specialisation in this area, with Tom providing advanced advice on the relationship between the cow and the milking machine and its impact on mastitis, milk quality and milking efficiency.