He graduated in Veterinary from the Zaragoza University in 1986.

He began his professional activity in April 1988. From the beginning until the end of 1991, he worked as a specialist in Clinical Medicine and Reproductive Control. From 1992, he develops his professional activity as a milk quality specialist.

Since November 2003, he is a founding partner with Octavi Fargas Busquets of the company VAPL S.L.P. Dedicated to technical advice in the areas of milk quality and technical-economic management of dairy cattle farms for veterinarians, dairy farms, dairy industries and different pharmaceutical and livestock companies.

He has participated in numerous communications and papers within the specialty. In addition to various publications in scientific journals, techniques and veterinary and livestock dissemination, as well as in the coordination of the Milk Quality Module of the 1st Master of Bovine Milk, taught by the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Member of Anembe since 1992.