Degree in veterinary medicine from the University of León

National Veterinary Corporation since April 2004.

Working in the Ministry of Agriculture since 2005, playing various charges related to animal health and traceability.

Currently, and since 2016 deputy assistant director of the S.G health and

Animal hygiene and traceability.

Among the functions performed we can mention:

– Preparation of situation reports, recommendations and prevention of risks in veterinary health.

– Preparation of reports on the health situation in Spain for referral to the European Commission, the OIE (World Organization for Animal Health) as well as other international organizations.

– Participation in meetings with the Autonomous Communities and with the sectors involved, for the coordination of sanitary measures.

– Presentation, negotiation, coordination and management before the European Union of national programs for the eradication and control of animal diseases for technical-budgetary approval.

– Participation, as spokesperson of the Spanish delegation, in meetings of community experts and working groups of EU legislation in Brussels, on various topics, including topics related to health policy and the development of community regulations.